Shocking predictions by Saho Bank for 2021: consequences of introducing basic income


The Danish Saho Bank annually publishes forecasts for the next year, based on analysis of the economic and political situation in the world and emerging development trends. In the forecast for 2021 one of 10 points is devoted to unconditional basic income.

The bank experts do not even discuss the possibility of introducing a basic income, but immediately consider the consequences of its payment: “changing the balance of work and personal life” and the possibility of staying where one was born, without the need to go to look for work in the megalopolis. As a result, large cities may become deserted due to the loss of their attractiveness: bad ecology, inflated prices for housing and office space, low quality of life.

There will be fewer jobs for everyone involved in serving the large number of people who commute to and from the suburbs: public transportation and cabs, cafes and fast-food restaurants, the upkeep and maintenance of office buildings, facilities, and the surrounding area, and retail stores.

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