A virtual AR play about basic income


Director Viktor Vilisov and composer Leonid Imenneny created a digital performance about basic income, “Sitting in a room. I am,” developed by Artem Vasich and Ilya Sayapin. The actions take place in augmented reality – AR. It is recommended to deploy them in your room by launching the application.

In the process of research and preparation of the project, the authors of the play came to the conclusion that an unconditional basic income is our future, if we want to live in a society of happy people. In doing so, Leonid Imenneny managed to feel the necessity of basic income, as they say, on their own skin. While working on the play he found himself without a livelihood due to the loss of the contract that was to “feed” him for 6 months. The composer was faced with suicidal thoughts and other problems of an active person left without an income, so he stopped perceiving the basic income as something scandalous.

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